Cosmetics and Fragrances

Who we are

Mercedes Matsuo


Mercedes is a native of Europe and multi-lingual. She launched ModelWire, Inc. in NYC in 1999, has had a PR agency in Milan (Italy) and has worked for many other well known brands.  Her work with Balmain included orchestrating their Paris Fashion Week shows. Her work with Louis Vuitton involved PR and Client Relations.

Mercedes has also taken part in the MTV Awards in Los Angeles & Oscars Celebrity Suites.

Mercedes was a Speaker at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong about the Future of Global Business and has served as Honorary Adviser to the Hair and Beauty Merchant Association in Guangzhou, China.

Hiroshi Matsuo


Hiroshi is of Japanese descent, born in Queens, New York and raised in South Florida. Hiroshi has a Business Marketing degree from Auburn University. While attending university Hiroshi was also a full scholarship athlete on the Men’s Golf Team earning SEC Freshman of the Year honors in 1988. After graduating Hiroshi turned professional and won over 40 professional events on various tours worldwide. He was an 8 time winner on the Golden Bear Tour (#1 in career wins), only 2 time Tour Championship winner, back to back leading money winner (2001, 2002), and finished #1 in career earnings. Hiroshi was the featured storyline at 2003 U.S. Open Championship at Olympia Fields CC in Chicago, IL on the NBC telecast by Jimmy Roberts and Bob Costas. Hiroshi was a star on the popular show The Big Break Mesquite seen on The Golf Channel in 2007. 

Due to Injuries Hiroshi left competitive golf in 2009 and became the Head Teaching Professional in 2010 at The Dye Preserve Golf Club in Jupiter, FL.   

Alicia Torres


Fusing a love of design, architecture, European aesthetic and a deep compassion and understanding of the human condition, Alicia Torres has slowly become a powerful new voice in the world of fashion, portrait and subject photography.

Settling in Barcelona in 2015 after years of working in related fields in the fashion industry all over Europe and the US, Alicia decided to follow her muse and pursue photography professionally. Alicia has subsequently been able to develop her own original style and vision by using her camera honestly, intelligently and creatively.

Elena Fusco


Elena is an artist. She has served as Art Director for countless projects including fashion and cosmetic companies. She was the driving force behind the fashion designs for ISC Collezioni. She designed an entire line of high end fashion handbags that included silk prints and embroidery. The entire line was produced and manufactured in Italy and sold at major luxury boutiques and stores in Europe and the Middle East. Elena is Wild Heart's Art Director and will continue to impress us with her collections and prints.

Paris Elysees


Paris Elysees Group, located in Grasse, France, has over 30 years of experience in the perfume industry and in the selection of natural raw materials all over the world. 

More than 250 million bottles of perfumes have been sold through our operational branches on several continents: Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America and China.

Grasse, France


The town is considered the world's capital of perfume. 

Grasse has had a prospering perfume industry since the end of the 18th century. Grasse is the center of the French perfume industry and is known as the world's perfume capital (la capitale mondiale des parfums). Many "noses" (or, in French, "Les nez" (plural)/"Le nez" (singular) are trained or have spent time in Grasse to distinguish over 2,000 kinds of scent. Grasse produces over two-thirds of France's natural aromas (for perfume and for food flavorings).